Where can I get more information about building my place of play?

So where can you get started if you are thinking about connecting with your community and creating more opportunities to play? Our goal is to help you on your journey as you reach out, plan, and ultimately create your place of play.

There are many great resources and information. We will continue to add to this list. Please let us know what you think or if we have missed something! You can tweet at us with comments or ideas as well.

Active Engagement Kids (6-12)

According to the Sports Industry Association, 73.5% of kids ages 6-12 are not engaged actively in sports, organized or unstructured. Active play provide benefits such as school success, better health and a positive intergenerational cycle.

Digital Tools

Canvassing Apps - Spotio, Polis

Communication Tools - Nextdoor


Detroit Future Cities - Field Guide to Working With Lots


Kansas City Missouri Parks

Helpful Organizations

The Aspen Institute

The Aspen Institute